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Do you understand that weight loss can drink functional beverages?


Recently, many netizens are asking about losing weight to drink functional beverages? Everyone has his own way of losing weight. Many people often report that they often drink sports drinks in order to lose weight. To this end, Xiao Bian specifically arranged related knowledge, and friends in need can come together to find out.

Functional beverages are beverages that regulate body functions to some extent, and have functions such as thirst-quenching, regulating body functions, and strengthening immunity. Under the background of national fitness, the market for functional beverages has great potential and shows a steady growth trend.

In recent years, there have been an endless number of functional beverages in the Chinese market, and a new round of market competition has intensified, presenting a prosperous scene. In 2008, the overall growth rate of functional beverages was approximately 29%. China's functional beverages are in a period of rapid development. The number of listed products continues to increase, and the categories are further enriched. The industry presents a good momentum of development. In 2012, China will become the world’s largest beverage country, with a huge potential in the functional beverage market.

Do you understand that weight loss can drink functional beverages?

Sports drinks do have the effect of maintaining and improving athletic ability and accelerating the elimination of fatigue after exercise, but it is designed for athletes who are trained for a long time and intense sports, and for less frequent exercise, short-term exercise or insufficient exercise intensity. In general, in fact, as long as you simply drink boiled water to supplement water, long-term use of sports drinks can easily cause a physical burden. Nutrition experts said that if a large amount of sweat or exercise for more than one and a half hours, the general balanced diet is sufficient to provide the electrolyte needed by the body, or too much electrolyte can easily increase the burden on the kidneys.

The main component of sports drinks is sugar. After being digested in the human body, the sugar in the sports drink is absorbed and utilized mainly in the form of glucose and releases energy. The body's absorption of sugar is relatively fast. Even if you drink a sports drink, you will not be able to resist eating because of strong hunger. In this way, the calories consumed by the exercise were taken back in one fell swoop and the movement was white.

Now that we understand that weight loss can drink functional drinks, exercise is recognized as a way to lose weight, and moderate amounts of exercise contribute to health. Therefore, for your own health, it is not recommended that you lose weight by drinking beverages.

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